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About Tamera

Certified Behavioral Therapist - Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist - Certified Life Coach

Ayurvedic Clinician - Ordained Minister - Shamanic Practice

Mom to 5 Humans, 3 Cats, and 2 Dogs.

I smile and tell people I am in my second career.  As a Former stay-at-home mom, soccer coach, and foster parent of children and animals, I was constantly searching for SOMETHING that would allow me to feel better and do more.  I finally found alternative techniques like EFT, Reiki, and Hypnotherapy on my own journey towards health and happiness.  Over time I have continued to voraciously seek out and collect less well-known but timeless tools, strategies, practices, philosophies and to help heal and empower myself and others. 

If you are looking for a mentor who has everything figured out, never had weight, never felt overwhelmed with home or family life, never questioned religion, never known the battle of coping with childhood trauma - then I am not for you. I am an ordinary person with real struggles.  My personal journey to healing and empowerment adds tremendous insight and experience to my work.  It is my hope that knowing more about me will help you feel safe and understood, but that my experience working with people with a variety of difficult issues (grief, depression, anger, panic, anxiety, trauma, sexual issues, fears, smoking, weight, and more) will build your confidence in me as your guide to recovery from what brings you here, reclaiming personal power, remembering your infinite worth and belonging.

For over a decade, I have been privileged to guide hundreds of clients on their journey to reach their mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual goals. Whether you're just beginning your journey, or starting again, or ready to try a new approach, it would be my pleasure to walk with you.

Tamera is one of those teachers who assists you in finding your own wisdom. She has helped me to seek answers from within. She has provided some powerful, long lasting tools and reminded me of my own strength. It is through her consistency, gentleness, and confidence that I've been able to overcome some profound challenges. She is a way-shower and a healer who has shown me how to be my own way-shower and healer.


I have grown so much working with Tamera. The tools I have implemented help me tremendously to be emotionally healthy and content. Life still happens - however with the tools I have learned, I don’t have to stay in the place of worry and fear I have in the past. I have choices, as Tamera reminds me and encourages me. She also acknowledges the changes I have made, which is rewarding to me!!


I am so grateful that Tamera came into my life! I had been stuck for several years in depression and grief over the loss of my husband. Now, I feel so good; I am moving forward, enjoying my life and planning my future. Tamera has been so kind and encouraging while she has helped me see things from a new and better perspective. I enjoy her so much! Thank you for everything, Tamera!


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