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Group Programs

Join a supportive community of like-minded individuals as you work towards greater health and happiness. Complete with LIVE AND INTERACTIVE group meetings with Tamera, an online video toolbox, and forum for group discussion.

Wellness Coach

The Awakening Group

Waking Up

The early stages of realizing that something different is needed than what's been done before, but not knowing how, can be agonizing.

That you're here on this website is a sign that you're ready to open your eyes to the beautiful reality of energy that connects the mind, body, emotions, and spirit, and learn how to operate with all the parts of yourself individually and collectively to create greater health and happiness

This group is designed to introduce tools and practices to stabilize the mind and emotions, creating a foundation on which success can be built. It is intended that the student move on from this program into the next recommended class, when they are ready.

Get started for $375! Includes a 90 Minute JUMPSTART private session with Tamera, customized recorded hypnotherapy meditation, and 1st month group membership.

$128/month after first month.

The Emergence Group*

Showing Up

The reality is that most people are not operating in free will. Though fully empowered by divine right to choose for themselves, they are caged by past traumas, destructive habits, identities that don't fit, health issues, and/or the opinions and expectations of others.

Restoring power to choose for oneself is a key component to reclaiming health and happiness.

In this group of diverse purpose, you may find those that are actively healing attachment to substances, weight, loss, trauma, or something else. Immersed in the beautiful energy of the group dynamic, each person benefits wherever they are in their own purpose.

You can expect to learn tools and strategies that empower the transformation of habits in thinking (choosing focus), feeling (choosing response), behavior (choosing healthier), while encouraging a return to self-love as a foundational healing resource.

$128/month recurring subscription

*PRE-REQUISITE: Awakening Program or Tamera's Approval

Support Group
Enjoying the View

The Illuminations Group*

Keeping It Up

Operating in freedom is a continuing, moment by moment practice of awareness and choice. Once awake to the need to change, with some tools that really work to empower change, it's time to build inner resilience. Being awake in our lives means we understand that learning, growing, healing is an ongoing journey. We remain better equipped, more resilient to life's challenges when we stay focused and connected to tools and resources that engage our innate needs to not only grow, but to thrive.

This ongoing group is designed to promote and support continued implementation, accountability, and connection to maintain a movement forward into all of your life. 

$128/month recurring subscription.

PRE-REQUISITE: Previous private or group sessions with Tamera

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