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"The Soul is always whole. 

What is broken is the lens

through which we see ourselves."

Tamera Barnes

A Truly "Whole-istic" Approach to Health

What happens to the body, mind, emotions doesn’t stay there, but sparks a domino reaction in every part of you. The “secret sauce” of this program is the unique combination of tools that takes into consideration the needs of the whole SOUL.

Utilizing a deep toolbox that includes Behavioral therapy, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Ayurveda, Energy-Science, and ancient Shamanic Wisdom, she compassionately and intuitively guides each individual to set in motion that powerful inner healing process.

Tamera is not a counselor or other licensed mental health professional. She does not provide “talk therapy” but instead offers alternative methods that support personal growth with an eye to increase and maintain beneficial lifestyle changes and lasting wellness.

 Whether you're just beginning your journey, or starting again, or ready to try a new approach, she wants you to know that it would be an honor to walk that journey with you.

What brings you here?

Maybe you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Maybe you’ve been in survival mode for so long that the idea of doing something different seems too difficult.

Maybe you’ve tried everything, but you’re still sick, stressed, anxious, depressed, addicted, and traumatized.

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Studying at Home

Ready to do something different than before?

Do you want...

effective tools that empower you to take charge of your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and life?

to heal old wounds without rehashing painful events? 

to let go of destructive habits for good? 

to reconnect with the real you-- the you that has been buried by illness, trauma, fear, cultural or religious conditioning, and unrealized expectations?

Don't know where to start?

Whether you are interested in a private or group program, or just want to have a conversation about how inviting Tamera into your healing journey would work, the next step is to schedule your one-on-one initial consultation.

Helping Hand

“I feel like my spirit, my soul, is settling into my body.  I’m noticing living more in the present, in my body, instead of lost in wandering thought.  I have a greater  sense that it matters who I am and confidence in expressing what works for me and what doesn’t.”

Sue, Pollock Pines, CA

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