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Tools and Techniques

"If all you have in your life building toolbox is a hammer, its a lot more difficult to put in a screw."

Tamera's deep, alternate healing toolbox allows her to intuitively and compassionately custom tailor each session to help you uncover your own root causes, meet your specific needs and outcomes, and set you up for success. 

This is not a one-size-fits-all approach to therapy.

Little girl holding colorful balloons, jumping from one mountain top to the other; success_achieveme

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Activate the mind's innate wisdom to be a supportive partner in reaching your desired outcomes.

My Gift to You: Experience an Inner Wisdom Session

Are you ready? Sit in a comfy place, close your eyes, and listen to this meditation. For the best experience, incorporate this meditation into your self-care/self-love routine EVERY DAY. Listen to it as you’re falling asleep at night (you don’t have to stay awake for it!) or when you first start waking up in the morning. Listen to it AS OFTEN AS YOU WANT if you are having a particularly stressful experience.

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