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What Clients are Saying

Private Program


When I first saw Tamera for hypnotherapy, my MD had just diagnosed me with fibromyalgia, my relationship with my 18yr old daughter was a daily struggle and I had trouble sleeping because I was so stressed. The first thing I noticed was sleeping peacefully through the night and a general feeling of calm. I’m enjoying time with my daughter now and when we do have an occasional upset, I’m remaining calm in the face of conflict. My joint pain continued to diminish until it was gone, and to this date 8 months later, still no pain. I am active and I’m amazed at how much I’m accomplishing each day. I continue to remain calm under pressure and sleeping well. I’m so grateful to my friend that referred me to Tamera!

Group Program

Through Tamera's online group, I have learned how to treat myself with kindness and compassion. I was hesitant to do a group meeting with strangers at first, but they have helped me and supported me on my healing journey. I have learned from them and truly think of them as dear friends now. It has been an amazing experience that has enriched my life and made me have more love and compassion for myself and others.

Heather C.

To be part of this online experience means to feel comfortable, secure, and safe, in every sense of those words. Tamera guides you through this healing and self-love journey with compassion, trust, understanding, and validation.

Michele D.

Tamera is one of those teachers who assists you in finding your own wisdom. She has helped me to seek answers from within. She has provided some powerful, long lasting tools and reminded me of my own strength. It is through her consistency, gentleness, and confidence that I've been able to overcome some profound challenges.

Joan R.

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